My Vision
I am running for City Council because I believe government should work for ‘we the people’, not special interests.

I will drive improvement by maintaining open, year round dialogue with the public, department personnel and outside experts. I have years of professional experience bringing people together and driving programs and projects forward to fruition. Together, we can identify key issues, garner support, determine optimal solutions and create our future community.
I will prioritize...
Money in politics by supporting publicly funded elections and term limits
Affordable housing with engagement, transparency and a public scorecard
Climate resilience through community planning, green space, 100% renewable energy, divestment and electric vehicle charging infrastructure
Public involvement by pro-actively reaching out to every resident in every community
Government Participation
Cambridge does a terrific job reaching out to its residents, looking for input and utilizing the ideas of many of the people here. Some of the great programs include the participatory budget and Envision Cambridge and examples of ongoing efforts include the outreach for the VOLPE development. My plan is to continue the awesome work in progress and find ways to gather even more inclusion in areas such as voter turnout.
Money in Politics
     A combination of consolidated wealth interests, poor supreme court decisions and weak oversight has caused a vicious cycle where very wealthy organizations and individuals hire lobbyists to buy our legislation to enact policies that increase their wealth even more. The result nationally is stagnant wages, expensive health care, a complicated tax code, mediocre education system, slow internet, a catastrophic drug war, the prison industrial complex and recurring economic recessions. Solutions to this must come from the bottom up. Local policies will influence changes at the state level that will drive changes at the national level. I support the organization Represent.Us, which has passed a multifaceted resolution in cities across the country addressing election problems, political bribery, secret money and improving ethics oversight. 25 towns in MA have passed resolutions and Cambridge should join their leadership.
Climate Change
   It is vital that we drive policy to limit climate change and implement plans to adapt to the problems we will encounter such as sea rise. I strongly support the efforts of the Cambridge Compact, Cambridge's Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience Plan and the Metro Mayors Task Force. I want to help implement the web-based sustainability dashboard already being planned and also help grow the Net Zero initiatives around the city.
Public Services
​Public services are the foundation of society. Strong public health, transportation and infrastructure  help us succeed today while investment in education and community development secures future succes.

Affordable housing is a very real problem we are facing. In Cambridge there are about 110k residents and 44k households; About 15% fall under affordable housing efforts. At the same time the population and job market is growing, so there is a significant headwind to this issue. Current efforts include requiring new construction to have 20% affordable housing, purchasing buildings for 100% and preserving existing affordable housing. This is adding a couple hundred units per year and being funded in part through the capital budget and in part from a federal block grant. The Affordable Housing Trust oversees these efforts and if elected I will prioritize working with them to see what else we can do. There are more ideas that have not been tested such as a property surtax tilted toward high-end homes that would be deductible against the owners income tax (concessions for local retirees); This would only tax out of town owners. More ideas that can be reviewed are adding a middle-income requirement to the inclusionary zoning and a transfer tax to reduce speculation. I will work with the Affordable Housing Trust and help improve the situation.

Transportation through Cambridge is challenging. Cambridge is one of the most densely populated cities in the US (4th for cities over 100k) with more jobs than residents and growing. This is an area where terrific initiatives are moving forward such as Vision Zero and the green line expansion. This is also an area where much can be done. I intend to look into 'smart systems', best practices from other cities, public input and TP&T to drive long term improvement for all modes of transportation including vehicles, bicycles, subway and buses.

Education can make or break the future generations. Cambridge has created great initiatives such as The Office of College Success and some early childhood plans. I believe it is the Council's obligation to work with the School Committee and local resources to drive improvement.